10th of December 2017, Dublin, Seomra Spraoi / Jigsaw


There is something quite magical about bringing people together to do good deeds for good causes.

People have indeed the power. The power to make small changes that become big transformational movements.

Community coming together for one purpose, humans from so many parts of the world giving their time to support others in a less fortunate circumstance.

Little gestures go a long way.

Love Out Loud Campaign


Love Out Loud is a campaign created to raise awareness around the ongoing refugee crisis and also the Direct Provision system in Ireland.

I am putting together a few initiatives around this and an online fundraiser to gather some funds to be taken with me to Greece in January when I head to the camps to do some work.  The intent is to use it to provide some direct aid once I am there seeing what is needed on the ground.

You can find below the link for it. Please share on your social networks and support. Even if you can contribute with 5 euro it might mean a meal for someone there. So every little bit goes a long way.

Sharing the campaign with a line or two saying something about it is also a  great support!


If you donate more than 15 euro  you will also be entitled to get this tote bag with a very simple design made by moi with my very limited design skills, but it is a useful souvenir and you will be getting someting back by contributing to something good! ♥

If you wish to receive one just send me your post address once you donate to the email campaignloveoutloud@gmail.com.
I will ask you to please bear with me, because since this is a one woman operation it might take a wee bit for me to send it, but I will try to do it as promptly as I can.

If you want to join the movement and spread the message you can also take a creative photo with your love out loud bag and tag it on instagram under the label #loveoutloudcampaign or Facebook. I will be sharing these on the Instagram and Facebook accounts for the campaign.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Love-Out-Loud-Campaign-2096716460565557/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loveoutloudcampaign/

Let’s put LOVE back in fashion!

Yours, Catarina ♥

Constellations # 2 – Ronit Lentin

Dr Ronit Lentin is an activist, a writer and a former Associate Professor of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin.
She has been an active voice for the freedom of the Palestinian people.
She was born in Haifa prior to the establishment of the State of Israel and has lived in Ireland since 1969. She is a political sociologist and a writer of fiction and non-fiction books.
She was the Head of the Sociology Department and the director of the MPhil in Race. Ethnicity, Conflict at Trinity College Dublin. She is also the co-founder of the Trinity Immigration Initiative.
Ronit has published extensively on racism in Ireland, Israel and Palestine, gender and genocide.
Her research has been focused on the issues of Israel and Palestine; racism and immigration in Ireland; migrant-led activism, Israel; gender and the Holocaust; gender and genocide and feminist research methodologies.
If you are interested in knowing a bit more about Ronit’s work and research you can find her online here ronitlentin.com.

Episode # 2: RAMSI + MASI – Ireland

Thawab Shibly,, Ellen O’ Keeffe, Richard Duggan (RAMSI), Lucky Khambule (MASI)

RAMSI (Refugee and Migrant Solidarity Ireland) is a grassroots, non-hierarchical volunteer group based in Dublin. RAMSI works in solidarity with those going through the asylum system (Direct Provision) in Ireland, those who make up part of various migrant communities here and those on the move across Europe seeking refuge, less precarious lives and a safe place to call home.

At the moment this is done in a number of ways. RAMSI organise monthly ‘Solidarity Dinners’. These are dinner events where asylum seekers and refugees come together with the local population to share a meal, have a chat, a dance, hear some music and generally have fun, while also learning about DP (a system which has been described as ‘state sanctioned child poverty and exclusion’, ‘open prisons’, and a ‘system of privatised institutional abuse’) and hearing from those seeking asylum about the struggle they are leading to challenge the system.

They run these events in collaboration with MASI – an independent platform for asylum seekers to join together in unity and purpose. The collective seeks justice, freedom and dignity for all asylum seekers. They campaign and struggle for the end of the system of direct provision, the right to work and education, and oppose deportations.
More info at masi.ie/

The dinners aim to build community, develop more social links, connections and friendships and promote integration and understanding. The dinners challenge the separation and isolation the system of Direct Provision creates by coming together as people going through DP and local people in a spirit of friendship, fun and solidarity. Members of RAMSI also teach English classes in DP centres and organise a creative arts and music group for kids in Mosney Direct Provision centre.

Fancy getting involved or lending a hand in any of these projects?

Get in touch!
Ways to help: teach English, cook a dish for the dinners, help set up and clean at the dinner, donate something to the monthly transport fund which pays for the bus tickets of asylum seekers attending the dinner from outside Dublin, offer a lift to someone attending the dinner from Mosney DP centre, volunteer with the arts and music group… There are some new projects coming up that RAMSI is currently working on. Come along to the forthrightly meetings to find out more and get involved.

Email: refugeeandmigrantsolidarity@gmail.com

Constellations # 1 – Lucky Khambule – Ireland

Lucky Khambule is an activist and human rights campaigner based in Dublin.
Lucky is an inspiring and tireless voice for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland.
He is also a representative for MASI (Movement for Asylum Seekers in Ireland) and a strong campaigner to bring an end to the system of Direct Provision.
For the ones who are not familiar with what Direct Provision here is a little synopsis greatly put together by the lovely folks from RAMSI (Refugee and Migrant Solidarity Ireland):

What is Direct Provision?
People seeking refuge (asylum) in Ireland are placed in Direct Provision (DP) until the state decides whether they should receive refugee status or not. Many people have been stuck in DP for up to 10 years (more in some cases). They cannot work. Adults and children are given €21.60 per week. They often have no cooking facilities. It is common for one family to live in one room. Many DP centers are far from towns and villages. Institutionalised living makes it incredibly hard for people to create purpose and meaning in their lives and to integrate in a newly found society.

Mighty People – Episode # 1: Andrew Sweeney & Calvin James – Ireland

The first episode of Mighty People features Dublin based brothers Andrew Sweeney and Calvin James. They have set up SCOOP Foundation and the Syrias Vibes Campaign.
SCOOP is an Irish NGO raising funds to build schools and to change as many lives as possible. SCOOP began working with local grass root organisations in Cambodia and India, but is now also working with projects in Iraq and Syria and have plans to move into other countries in the near future.
Syrias Vibes was created by Dubliner and DJ Calvin James after two trips to Syria and Iraq. It aims to support doctors, rescue services and mobile clinics in Syria and in refugee camps along the border with Iraq.

Achievements to date:
SCOOP has built 3 schools in Cambodia and one in India. There are over 600 children in class or in care as a result.
Syrias Vibes has run a clinic in Qamishli Syria for one year, bought a brand new ambulance for them, has set up a mobile clinic in a camp on the Iraqi border and has set up a Psychology Programme in the same camp to help those (mainly women and children) who have been affected by war.

Current campaigns and lnks:

Mighty People

Mighty People is a grassroots social project about global changemakers.
Dreamers, schemers and doers. People like you and me that dare to think and act outside the box, standing up for social justice and actively working to change the world.
It is a project about bringing forward the power we all have in us to generate effective positive change. 
Mighty People aims to inspire each one of us to act upon our dreams and visions and to raise awareness and support to different issues and projects we have created and are supporting.

Embrace your humanity.
Embrace your divinity.
Dare to follow your curiosity.
Dare to be truly Mighty!