Love Out Loud Campaign


Love Out Loud is a campaign created to raise awareness around the ongoing refugee crisis and also the Direct Provision system in Ireland.

I am putting together a few initiatives around this and an online fundraiser to gather some funds to be taken with me to Greece in January when I head to the camps to do some work.  The intent is to use it to provide some direct aid once I am there seeing what is needed on the ground.

You can find below the link for it. Please share on your social networks and support. Even if you can contribute with 5 euro it might mean a meal for someone there. So every little bit goes a long way.

Sharing the campaign with a line or two saying something about it is also a  great support!

If you donate more than 15 euro  you will also be entitled to get this tote bag with a very simple design made by moi with my very limited design skills, but it is a useful souvenir and you will be getting someting back by contributing to something good! ♥

If you wish to receive one just send me your post address once you donate to the email
I will ask you to please bear with me, because since this is a one woman operation it might take a wee bit for me to send it, but I will try to do it as promptly as I can.

If you want to join the movement and spread the message you can also take a creative photo with your love out loud bag and tag it on instagram under the label #loveoutloudcampaign or Facebook. I will be sharing these on the Instagram and Facebook accounts for the campaign.



Let’s put LOVE back in fashion!

Yours, Catarina ♥