Episode # 2: RAMSI + MASI – Ireland

Thawab Shibly,, Ellen O’ Keeffe, Richard Duggan (RAMSI), Lucky Khambule (MASI)

RAMSI (Refugee and Migrant Solidarity Ireland) is a grassroots, non-hierarchical volunteer group based in Dublin. RAMSI works in solidarity with those going through the asylum system (Direct Provision) in Ireland, those who make up part of various migrant communities here and those on the move across Europe seeking refuge, less precarious lives and a safe place to call home.

At the moment this is done in a number of ways. RAMSI organise monthly ‘Solidarity Dinners’. These are dinner events where asylum seekers and refugees come together with the local population to share a meal, have a chat, a dance, hear some music and generally have fun, while also learning about DP (a system which has been described as ‘state sanctioned child poverty and exclusion’, ‘open prisons’, and a ‘system of privatised institutional abuse’) and hearing from those seeking asylum about the struggle they are leading to challenge the system.

They run these events in collaboration with MASI – an independent platform for asylum seekers to join together in unity and purpose. The collective seeks justice, freedom and dignity for all asylum seekers. They campaign and struggle for the end of the system of direct provision, the right to work and education, and oppose deportations.
More info at masi.ie/

The dinners aim to build community, develop more social links, connections and friendships and promote integration and understanding. The dinners challenge the separation and isolation the system of Direct Provision creates by coming together as people going through DP and local people in a spirit of friendship, fun and solidarity. Members of RAMSI also teach English classes in DP centres and organise a creative arts and music group for kids in Mosney Direct Provision centre.

Fancy getting involved or lending a hand in any of these projects?

Get in touch!
Ways to help: teach English, cook a dish for the dinners, help set up and clean at the dinner, donate something to the monthly transport fund which pays for the bus tickets of asylum seekers attending the dinner from outside Dublin, offer a lift to someone attending the dinner from Mosney DP centre, volunteer with the arts and music group… There are some new projects coming up that RAMSI is currently working on. Come along to the forthrightly meetings to find out more and get involved.

Email: refugeeandmigrantsolidarity@gmail.com