Mighty People – Episode # 1: Andrew Sweeney & Calvin James – Ireland

The first episode of Mighty People features Dublin based brothers Andrew Sweeney and Calvin James. They have set up SCOOP Foundation and the Syrias Vibes Campaign.
SCOOP is an Irish NGO raising funds to build schools and to change as many lives as possible. SCOOP began working with local grass root organisations in Cambodia and India, but is now also working with projects in Iraq and Syria and have plans to move into other countries in the near future.
Syrias Vibes was created by Dubliner and DJ Calvin James after two trips to Syria and Iraq. It aims to support doctors, rescue services and mobile clinics in Syria and in refugee camps along the border with Iraq.

Achievements to date:
SCOOP has built 3 schools in Cambodia and one in India. There are over 600 children in class or in care as a result.
Syrias Vibes has run a clinic in Qamishli Syria for one year, bought a brand new ambulance for them, has set up a mobile clinic in a camp on the Iraqi border and has set up a Psychology Programme in the same camp to help those (mainly women and children) who have been affected by war.

Current campaigns and lnks: